My Project

June 19th, 2015 9:15 am

First Posted: 5/30/2014

What you will need:

A shoe box, construction paper, paint, paint brush, scissors, glue, markers and a few rocks from outside that are at least 5 inches long.


Start by covering your shoe box with any color construction paper. Keep the lid off while covering, then cover the lid separately. Once it’s covered, write on the top of the lid, “Dad rocks!”

Using your paint and paint brush, paint each rock. They can be all different colors, or all the same. Whatever you think your dad will like. Set them aside to dry.

Cut a piece of paper about three or four inches long for each rock and write a special message on each. Here are some examples: “I like when we play ball together.” “I love how you grill hot dogs.” “You look funny wearing goggles.” Make each message special, sincere or funny.

When all rocks are dry, place each message on a rock. Put them in your DAD ROCKS! box and give them to your dad on Father’s Day.

Optional: This project can also be for Grandpas. Replace “Dad rocks!” with “Grandpa rocks!” and make special messages for your Grandfather.