Ransom Township moves forward with subdivisions

June 19th, 2015 9:16 am

First Posted: 1/21/2014

At its Jan. 20 meeting, the Ransom Township Planning Commission reviewed revised plans for the Jomar 2008 minor subdivision and voted unanimously to forward it to the supervisors with its recommendation for approval.

The recommendation to approve included three stipulations: review and approval by the Lackawanna County Planning Commission, Newton Township’s review and approval regarding the portion of the parcel which crosses its municipal line and the obtaining of a highway occupancy permit from Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

The Jomar 2008 plans were first introduced by the project engineer Guy DeAngelo at the commission’s November meeting. The proposed subdivision of property on Newton Ransom Boulevard and Port Royal Road was granted preliminary approval at that time. However, a quorum was not present at that meeting, nor the next month’s, so the vote was delayed until the quorum was finally met, which happened on the 20th.

The board also voted to forward to the supervisors, with their recommendation for approval, re-subdivison plans for the Dorothy Richards Estate, which were previously on hold due to the lack of quorum at the last two meetings.

At the beginning of the meeting, it was noted two new Planning Commission members, Barbara Jones and Sean Tompkins, as well as an alternate, Jerry Blackwell, were appointed to the board by the supervisors at the township’s reorganization meeting Jan. 6.

No public comment was made.

Secretary Sarah Griggs noted the township did not yet receive any new plans or information regarding the proposed Ransom Recreational Shooting Sports LLC land development plans, although she sent the company a certified letter reminding them of the upcoming March 3 deadline.

The next planning commission meeting is scheduled for Feb. 17, at 7 p.m.