Dalton Council to enlist DBPA to improve the town

June 19th, 2015 9:17 am

First Posted: 5/9/2014

In his monthly president’s report, Dalton Council President Gus Vlassis discussed a meeting he had with the Dalton Business & Professional Association (DBPA).

“I’d like to talk about enlisting the help of the DBPA in terms of making things happen here on Main Street and maybe other parts of town, so that we can improve the situation in town, and get ready for a time when the Trolley Trail that’s going to end up on South Turnpike Road is finished,” said Vlassis during the May 8 meeting. “People are going to be coming into town on that trail. We ought to have some way to make it (Dalton) really attractive for them.”

Vlassis saidhe’d like to enlist anyone else in the community who would like to improve the town of Dalton.

“There’s a lot of things we can do,” he said.

Vlassis also mentioned a desire for the town to do something for Memorial Day.

“It will be a logical thing on Memorial Day perhaps to have a little dedication of this building,” he said. “And again, get people involved to come and see what we’ve done and give them an idea of what we hope to do in the future.”

In other business, board member Bill Montgomery mentioned the Department of Public Works (DPW) has issued pricing on pavement work for streets in Dalton, such as Thompson Street, Elm Street, and Weatherby Street.

“According to Bill (board member Bill Salva), we should be able to finance the work through our highway aid account, so he wanted permission from Council to go ahead and get some bids,” Montgomery said.

The board voted to approve the motion to allow Salva to get bids for paving the roads. Montgomery also suggested paving Lily Lake Road after the bridge is complete. Mayor Aaron Holzman asked the board to add Church Street and Willow Street and also the sidewalks in that area to the list of roads needed to be paved.

“We’re going to go out for bids, and then do as much as we can afford to,” Montgomery said.

In his safety report, Leonard Peters, suggested setting up a camera system in the building. Vlassis asked Peters if he had any idea how much it would cost.

“It depends on how fancy you want to get,” Peters said. “You can do down to Sam’s Club and get a $300 system that works just fine. Basically, you’re looking for cameras to record something.”

Peters said the building would need no more than two cameras.

Holzman suggested a camera inside the police headquarters, which is also in the same building. Montgomery suggested a fourth camera to record outside the building.

The board is going to wait to see how much it will cost before deciding which cameras to use and how many total cameras they will use for the building.