Prayers at the pole

June 10th, 2015 9:42 am

First Posted: 9/16/2014

Local high school students in Northeast PA will pray around the flagpole outside their schools on Sept. 24. To promote this upcoming day, NEPA Youth for Christ, an organization which spreads the message of Jesus to young people, created an event called See You at the Pole rally held at Baptist Bible College’s recreational center.

High school students filled the chairs near the auditorium to watch the rally, including featured performer Todd Agnew, a contemporary Christian musician from Dallas, Texas.

See You at the Pole rally kicked off with Christian rock music performed by BBC’s band, Rise. The stage was also filled with speeches by students and staff members of BBC and high school students.

Mel Walker, Vice President for Alumni & Church Relations of BBC, spoke about BBC’s motto: Majoring in Making a Difference.

“If you believe that God has given you an ability to do something great for Him, something that indeed can make an impact for eternity, then we would like to talk to you,” he said to the high school students.

Walker encouraged them to share their contact information to keep in touch, so BBC can share its ministry with God.

A few high school students read passages from the New Testament.

Then, BBC senior Ellen Genovese, a campus life volunteer, shared her testimony. She said that she began a relationship with Jesus when she was invited to BBC’s Campus Life and a BBC’s conference called Impact.

Students from each high school discussed with each other their plans for the upcoming See You at the Pole.

The high schools involved were: Abington Heights, Abington Christian Academy, Tunkhannock Area, Dunmore, Western Wayne, Home School (Lackawanna), Lakeland, Lackawanna Trail, Meyers, Blue Ridge, West Scranton, Scranton, Valley View and North Pocono.

“It’s an amazing experience that gives the students the opportunity to share their faith with other students,” said Elizabeth Treat, a junior at Abington Christian Academy.

At the end of the rally, Agnew performed worship songs, including “10,000 Reasons” with Rise.

See You at the Pole started in 1990 in Burleson, Texas, where group of teens, who were “broken for God,” prayed at school flagpoles for their friends, schools and leaders. Today, NEPA Youth for Christ plans a rally each year for students to pray at their schools’ flagpole the fourth Wednesday of September.

Whether a student attends a public or private school, See You at the Pole is for all students who believe in Jesus. Youth for Christ encourages all students to live by their motto: “Never Stop Praying, Especially for Others.”

“It’s a time where students can meet in one centralized location to publicly proclaim our faith and pray for our school, government, family and friends,” said Phil Gattorna, junior of Abington Heights High School. “All around, it’s just an amazing experience.”