Clarks Summit’s police chief selection continues

June 19th, 2015 9:19 am

First Posted: 3/4/2014

Clarks Summit Borough Council President, Gerrie Carey, said the council has drawn up a contract for the Clarks Summit police chief position and plans to vote on the contract during the regularly-scheduled council meeting Wednesday.

Carey could not confirm when the vote will take place because it’s possible that council may reject the proposed police chief contract..

Clarks Summit Officer-in-Charge (O.I.C.), Chris Yarns, has been fulfilling the position in the interim.

For months, council has also been trying to tackle the issue of thousands of dollars in delinquent sewer bills. The borough has received some significant payments, but outstanding bills are still an issue despite multiple warnings.

Council member, David Jenkins, proposed an initiative for residents to begin paying their delinquent sewer bills at the Feb. 25 work session.

Jenkins suggested council members consider initiating, “a period of grace for people who are behind on their sewer bills.”

The concept , if accepted by the council, will allow residents with delinquent sewer bills to forgo the penalty stage as long as the sewer bill is paid in full by a certain date.

If approved, council member Vincent Cruciani suggested residents may utilize this grace period to pay their bill in full by the third quarter billing period, or approximately July 1.

It will be up to the resident to affirmatively contact the borough for the principal balance to be paid in full.

The council will decide to vote on the grace period for residents to pay their delinquent sewer bills in full during Wednesday’s meeting. .

The council will also continue the discussion regarding the formation of its own Uniform Construction Code (UCC) Appeals Board since deciding not to participate in a joint UCC Appeals Board with the borough of Clarks Green and South Abington Township. The borough of Clarks Summit will need three qualified individuals in order to create its own UCC Appeals Board.

“We just want to ensure that the intent of the UCC is met and that conditions are safe,” borough manager Virginia Kehoe said.