A ‘just my size’ holiday reindeer craft

June 19th, 2015 9:20 am

First Posted: 11/25/2014

Children and adults can have fun together with this cute craft idea. Because the size of the reindeer is according to each person’s foot size, everyone will end up with a different size reindeer to decorate the house with.

What you will need:

• A pencil

• Safety scissors

• Glue

• Two pieces of construction paper (one brown and the other tan, white or yellow)

• Glitter (choose a color for the mouth)

• A pom pom (choose a color for a nose)

• One set of googley eyes


1. Start by tracing one of your feet on the brown construction paper. Next, fold in half the tan or yellow paper. Trace one of your hands on it.

2. Cut out the foot and hand you traced. There will be two hands since that paper is folded in half.

3. Glue the hands to the top of the backside of the paper that is your foot. Those pieces are the reindeer antlers and face.

4. Glue the googley eyes and pom pom nose on the face.

5. Make a smile with the glue and sprinkle glitter over it. Let the glitter dry at least 15 minutes. Once dried, blow the excess glitter off the reindeer.