Glenburn Township

June 19th, 2015 9:22 am

First Posted: 2/19/2014

During the Feb. 18 Glenburn Township meeting, seven members of the Lackawanna County Government Study Commission want to change the face of government by replacing the three commissioners with seven elected part-time council members and a full-time executive director.

The change will separate the powers between the executive and legislative branches of the Lackawanna County government. An official vote will take place in the May primary.

The new arrangement will consist of seven districts. Glenburn Township will be in a district with Dalton, La Plume, Ransom, Taylor, Moosic and North Abington.

“I ask when you vote to take a look at this,” supervisor Bill Wicks said. “There will be no more commissioners. They will be gone forever.”

Waverly Township Police Chief Kenneth James attended the meeting to talk about security systems. Abington Township has an ordinance regulating the installation and maintenance of burglar and fire alarms.

“The people in Abington Township have to register their alarms,” he said. “People go to Florida and their alarms go off. It can be a nuisance when it goes off at 2 a.m. and upsets the neighbors.”

Police Chief James asked if Glenburn has a similar ordinance.

“Glenburn has an ordnance built in already,” supervisor Michael Savitsky said. “We will take a look at it.”

The Scranton Abington Planning Associate Comprehensive Plan was also discussed. It’s a zoning plan that involves Glenburn Township along with 10 other local municipalities in Lackawanna County. According to Wicks, the association’s goal is “to develop a multi-municipal comprehensive plan that will let them work together to accomplish common goals while also meeting individual needs.”

The scope of the plan has led Glensburn council members to push for more information before a decision can be reached.

“It involves zoning for every use. Scranton did not adopt it and it died,” Wicks said. “North Abington did not sign onto it. We took a look at this and agreed to be part of it. We have to look at what kind of changes there are and can the township decide to opt out in a few months. Can our zoning stay in place with what we have now and how about new township development.”

In other business, the township is looking for a new member to be on the recreation board.

“They must reside in Glenburn and have an interest in recreation” Wicks said.