Camera For A Cure aides Adelaide’s Army

June 19th, 2015 9:23 am

First Posted: 11/18/2014

Timmy Walsh, of Camera For A Cure offered his help to Adelaide’s Army during a recent fundraiser, held at Vault Tap and Grill, Scranton.

Setting up and selling his original photography, along with handmade paracord bracelets, Walsh aided the efforts for Adelaide Kanton, a seven year old and first grade student at Isaac Tripp Elementary School diagnosed with Leukemia.

Learning of her fight with Leukemia on Facebook, Walsh wanted to help the Girl Scout. So, he contacted Amanda Evans, Adelaide’s aunt, Godmother, family spokesman and head of Adelaide’s Army, and it was agreed upon that Walsh would sell his photos at their event.

When asked by a fundraiser attendee how he is connected to the family, Walsh explained that he isn’t — he just wanted to help, because, “Helping people with sickness and cancer is what Camera For A Cure is all about.”

Camera For A Cure was created by Walsh at the age of five, with his first show and sale at the age of six. Understanding the severity and the lack of funding for lung cancer after his aunt was diagnosed with stage 3A, Walsh knew that he had to do something to help. He created CFAC and has been raising funds for nonprofit organizations and illness stricken families since 2008.

Now, at the age of 12, he continues his quest to raise funds and awareness for lung cancer. Walsh is an Olyphant and Dalton resident, attends Wyoming Seminary Lower School, and is a Boy Scout with Troop 21 out of Dickson City.