Clarks Green increases safety budget

June 19th, 2015 9:24 am

First Posted: 12/22/2014

CLARKS GREEN — Borough council passed the 2015 budget on Dec. 20 after recessing the regular council meeting Dec. 17 in order to ensure the budget was available to the public to review for 30 days before passing.

The only amendment to the budget passed Dec. 20 was an increased allocation for the safety budget, which rose from $800 to $2,000 because a new traffic controller for lights at Abington Road and Grove Street requires additional wiring for pedestrian crossing switches.

Council member Joe Barrasse reported for the health and safety committee that, according to a representative from Northeast Signal and Electric Company, “When the system was installed in the early 90s, it was done inappropriately,” before the current wiring code implemented in 1995.

Clarks Green will not increase the real estate tax which council member Alan Hughes from the finance committee said, “makes living [in Clarks Green] more attractive,” when compared to other municipalities.

“We have a lot to offer and our services are good,” Hughes said.

Similar to surrounding municipalities, the borough’s 2015 budget also includes a $7 increase in quarterly sewer billing, which will cover the increased bill from Abington Regional Wastewater Authority (ARWA) council is to expected to receive next year, according to Hughes.

Council President Rinaldi reported council set the following wage adjustments in the new budget: DPW employees, excluding a recent hire still considered a probationary employee, will receive a 5 percent increase, and office employees will receive a 2 percent increase. The borough secretary, assistant secretary, and zoning officer received one-time bonuses for their work in 2014.

President Rinaldi congratulated council before recessing Dec. 17 regarding council’s many accomplishments completed in 2014, including Mayor Thorburn’s work on the borough’s centennial celebration, the prompt alternative solution to the location of the proposed cell tower on Baptist Bible College and Seminary’s property, and more.

“I truly appreciate how willing you are to get things done,” Rinaldi said.