Local Scouting Life Father and Sons event a success

June 19th, 2015 9:25 am

First Posted: 4/4/2014

Another busy month for Troop 160 has passed. One of the highlights of this month was the 2014 Father and Son campout.

On all Father and Sons events, the Webelo II Scouts from Pack 160 join to get a taste of what being a Boy Scout is like. The usual plan includes an opening ceremony, station program where they go around camp learning new skills (this year involved first-aid, knot tying, fire building, shelters, and orienteering), and afterward a campfire service.

This year’s service was led by the Masters of Ceremonies Jonathan Ross and David Boeth. While this all sounds fun, this year was particularly special because of the wonderful group of Webelos we will receive within the near future.

Speaking of receiving new scouts, the Cub Scout Blue and Gold is almost here! This means we will celebrate the great achievements of all the Cub Scouts this year in Pack 160. More importantly , the Webelo II Scouts will be receiving their Arrow of Light awards and will be welcomed into the Troop if they choose to join. Advancement is not only important for Boy Scouts, but also the Cub Scouts, so the Boy Scouts will be there to support.

Although we are always planning great trips, a brand new idea was experimented with this year. Several scouts joined up at the Delaware Water Gap and braved the enormous wall of solid ice. It was a great learning experience for everyone, even the leaders. One leader left his pick at the top and had to send someone else up to retrieve it.

Troop 160 is not only well known for its size, but also its success throughout the council. One patrol from the troop received second place at the First-Aid Meet. The participating patrols were tested on their knowledge of first-aid by being asked several questions and scenarios. One of the most frequently tested areas was CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) because it is used a lot of different incidents.

The troop is not only glad to have been on these trips, but is also eager for more. Some of the upcoming trips include a backpacking trip at the Pinchot Trail and the troop’s annual shooting trip. The shooting trip is one of the troop’s favorites because the scouts learn a great deal about gun safety and even get to try out shooting a rifle and shotgun for themselves. If the scout is determined enough, he could earn his rifle shooting or shotgun shooting merit badges.

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