Shady Lane Project may be delayed for a year

June 19th, 2015 9:26 am - updated: 9:26 am.

First Posted: 2/11/2014

The $1 million Shady Lane tunnel project scheduled to start in May of 2015 might be delayed again, according to South Abington Township manager David O’Neill during Monday’s meeting. PennDot is still in negotiations with the Canadian Pacific Railway.

“The bids for the project will not be put out until July of 2015 and than approved in August of 2015,” he said. “They want to do the work in the spring, so the project might be delayed until 2016.”

Supervisor Mark Dougherty suggested looking into transportation funding through the governor’s office.

“If we are going to have to wait then we should do it right,” he said. “We should consider making the tunnel two lanes.”

O’Neill also met with a representative from PPL about moving telephone poles near the tunnel.

“How much compensation are you going to give the township for coming onto the property? The representative said we do not compensate and we will then go across the street to the fire station,” O’Neill said. “How much are you going to compensate the fire department because they are also going to want a donation.”

In other business, the township will celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2017. Volunteers are needed for planning the sesquicentennial celebration. Anyone interested can contact Christine Griswold at the South Abington Township Building at 570-585-2843 or 570-586-2111.

Representatives from the post office met with township officials about purchasing the materials for the drainage pipe project at the end Shady Lane Road.

Supervisors voted to donate a police car that needs a couple thousand dollars worth of mechanical repairs to the fire department. The car will likely only sell for a few hundred dollars.

“The car will be used to go back and forth to the park on as needed basis to clean the park,” O’Neill said.

The car can also be used for other events by the fire department.