My Class

June 19th, 2015 9:28 am

First Posted: 5/30/2014

On May 30 we had our Arts Alive show. The theme was “The Magic School Bus in Space.” Our class was Earth, and we danced to “I’m on top of the world.”

On Field Day, we will play water balloon toss, tug of war and the long jump. We will also watch the teachers play water balloon toss. We do Field Day to help the Griffin Pond Animal Shelter so the animals can be adopted.

In Reading we are doing our biographies projects. We are also learning about Harriet Tubman, a famous conductor of the underground railroad.

In Science we are learning if sound can travel through objects. Sound can travel through solids, liquids and gases.

In Math we did median and mean, average and mode. We learned how to use calculators and plot grids.