Local man juggles multiple gigs

June 19th, 2015 9:28 am

First Posted: 1/28/2014

Juggler Rob Smith, of Clarks Summit, will return to the Clarks Summit Festival of Ice for the sixth year, with three “rockin’” performances planned throughout the weekend.

Set to help kick-off the event by marching in Thursday evening’s parade and giving a brief performance in the Borough Building afterward, he will also make an appearance at the Abington Community Library Saturday, Feb. 15 at 11 a.m. and the same day at the First Presbyterian Church of Clarks Summit at 2 p.m.

Smith said he enjoys attending the festival each year, and looks forward to admiring the ice sculptures, which are chiseled and carved out of large blocks of ice, using various tools such as chainsaws and picks.

“They’re really great,” he said. “Just looking at the ice sculptures… What they do with a block of ice is incredible. As a chainsaw juggler, I really appreciate what these guys do with a chainsaw.”

Smith, a popular local entertainer who takes on around 100 gigs per year, juggles everything from wooden clubs and balls to knives and flaming torches. In addition to his busy entertaining schedule, he facilitates a juggling club at Abington Heights Middle School, where he also teaches seventh grade reading.