June 19th, 2015 9:28 am

First Posted: 1/31/2014

This fall our K-8 music classes worked hard on a school musical to put on in December. It was called Christmas Fever. It is a musical drama for young voices by Grace Hawthorne and Larry Mayfield.

Christmas Fever is the story of a young man (in our play his name is Isaiah because we received permission to use our own students’ names) who received a lot of Christmas presents. He was very happy with them, but after he thought about it for a while, he realized it was better to give to others. So he re-wrapped all his gifts and gave them to people who needed them more than he did. His mother and his friends thought he was “sick” when he gave his gifts away. In the end, all of his friends liked the idea and got “Christmas Fever” also! Then everyone took gifts to a family who needed toys and food for their baby.

We sang several songs. The song we enjoyed most was called “Christmas Fever”. We liked it because it went very fast and it was like a tongue twister! There were two songs lots of people knew: “Joy to the World” and “O Little Town of Bethlehem”. Our teacher Mr. Zieger played those on his guitar as we sang. One song was really hard to sing: “You Might See a Miracle”. We sang it to an accompaniment tape, and we only had a one-note cue before we had to start singing each verse. That was hard to do! But we like the song so much, we still sing it sometimes. We agree it is easier to sing with a guitar than with a tape that can’t wait for us!

In December we put on the show for our families and friends. Before we sang, our Pre-K students sang cute songs and recited poems about the Christmas tree. Then we performed. We had special lighting and sets to make the play seem real. Our principal directed the musical, and some of our teachers and parents helped us put on the production.