Clarks Green to honor librarian and celebrate centennial year

June 19th, 2015 9:31 am

First Posted: 2/24/2014

Clarks Green resident Mary Ann McGrath spent 35 years working at the Abington Community Library for her community and Clarks Green Council members agreed she deserves special recognition.

During the borough meeting on Feb. 19, council member Lynne Earley suggested the council recognize McGrath with a proclamation.

“People love her,” Earley said. The council agreed without hesitation and will discuss and schedule the acknowledgement during the borough’s work session on March 5.

The Borough of Clarks Green is also in the midst of planning its Centennial Celebration honoring Clarks Green’s 100-Year Anniversary with special events to take place over Memorial Day weekend.

The borough is raising money to install a commemorative town clock and residents and supporters may purchase pavers that will be placed on either side of the clock base.

“We’ve had a busy month,” Mayor William Thorburn said.

According to the mayor, the borough sold over two dozen pavers and residents can expect an opening ceremony with a dedication of the Centennial Clock followed by a tribute to veterans. The weekend will also host family-friendly events such as a historical walking tour, chicken BBQ, and ice cream social.

“Things seem to be coming together nicely,” Thorburn said.

Residents will receive fliers with a schedule of events and information regarding purchasing pavers in their upcoming sewer bills.

Clarks Green residents can also expect a decrease in their refuse and recycling services over the next five years. Council unanimously voted to retain County Waste for refuse and recycling services after County Waste bid the lowest among Waste Management and J.P. Mascaro, whom council thanked for also placing bids.

“We did well in this bidding to reduce the cost to our residents,” Council President David Rinaldi said.

Residents can expect an overall savings of approximately 9.75 percent over the new five year contract.

According to a borough document of bids versus current comparisons, “residents now pay $63 per quarter. Under the new contract, our residents will be paying approximately $56.85 in the first year and slightly higher quarterly payments in the final year (depending on the exact number of households serviced).”

“I was thrilled when I saw the numbers. County Waste does a really good job,” Council member Maureen Palmer said.

Clarks Green also voted to proceed with an investigation into intergovernmental cooperation agreement with South Abington Township regarding a Uniform Construction Code (UCC) Joint Appeals Board. The vote was made after Clarks Summit notified Clarks Green of their intention to pull out of the joint UCC Joint Appeals Board.

The original UCC Joint Appeals Board was created in 2004 and included the boroughs of Clarks Summit, Clarks Green, and South Abington Township.