Newton: Gas group gathers details

June 20th, 2015 12:03 pm

First Posted: 2/29/2012

NEWTON TWP.- At the February 13 meeting of the Newton Supervisors, Supervisor Ron Koldjeski said the Supervisors are staying in contact with the town's gas committee which is progressing well on the issue of gas drilling.

"Currently our gas committee is reviewing our ordinances and noting any changes that have to be done to protect the town and they are truly doing a great job. There are a lot of ordinances and requirements out there and we need to gather all the information we can about the gas drilling industry and with this formed committee we are doing just that," Koldjeski said.

Solicitor Joseph Sileo added, " I am helping to reviews the gas regulations with the committee and we are making a lot of progress, once we get a plan and a concept together of what we are seeking to put into place we will be presenting it to the Supervisors for their review and we are making sure we are covering every aspect that may come our way."

Sileo said he has further reviewed the situation on School Street in regard to a water runoff. " I have reviewed all the information presented to me and it is clear to me that the township does not have any responsibility for the run off, but the town should still stay on top of the situation. We had someone do construction in that area and that seems to be why we have the runoff problem, and we have been in contact with the property owner and we are working together to resolve the problem," he said.

Koldjeski offered an update on the recreation building project, " We are currently undergoing a construction project at our rec center, where we are putting on a new roof and installing a new boiler system. The boiler system project is near 90 percent complete and we are waiting for it to be certified. With the new boiler system installed we will be saving fuel costs and that is a plus for our township. However, we do need to look at the rear door of the building because it is not closing and the gym door is also broken," he said. The board approved a review of the door repair.

In other business: the township is working on a subdivision concerning Maple Drive, said salt costs are remaining low due to the lack of bad weather, tabled the appointment of John Ray to the rec committee until further information is received and stated that replacement of the ceiling in the town building will begin in March.