Community Box Scores

June 20th, 2015 12:04 pm

First Posted: 4/4/2012

Alley Cats Bowling League - Scores from 3/30/12

Team Standings: Manx-32, Wildcats-31.5, Calicos-31, Siamese-25.5, Lynx-25,Tigers-22, Bobcats-21, Ghost-4

High Individual Game: Bette Connell-227, Anna Aten-189, Carole Hamersly-187

High Individual Series: Bette Connell-537, Anna Aten-497, Theresa Schlosser-493

High Team Game:Siamese-717, Lynx-710, Manx-702

High Team Series: Lynx-1976, Wildcats-1973, Manx-1961

Alley Cats Bowling League - Scores from 3/27/12

Team Standings: Wildcats-35.5, Manx-35, Calicos-32, Siamese-29.5, Lynx-25, Tigers-25, Bobcats-22, Ghost-4

High Individual Game: Bette Connell-180, Theresa Schlosser-168, Anna Aten-168

High Individual Series: Bette Connell-489, Anna Aten-470, Carole Hamersly-461

High Team Game: Calicos-717, Manx-698, Wildcats-673

High Team Series: Manx-2017, Wildcats-1962, Calicos-1912

Sticher's Bowling League

Midvalley Printing leads with 28 wins, #2 Hot Shotz 27 and 3rd is Hooter's with 26. Home Town Animal Hospital won all 4 games. Greg Wall Golf Shop had the team high games with 792, and series with 2242.

High game Darlene Scango 207.