Kempton Athletic Center brick work nears completion

June 20th, 2015 12:05 pm

First Posted: 3/23/2012

Brick and masonry work on Baptist Bible College's new Kempton Athletic Center is nearly complete, with the warmer-than-usual winter season helping to drive progress. A few isolated sections are yet to be done, including a center section on the front and a corner portion of the building that will receive larger pieces of specially cut masonry. Continued progress requires continued warmer weather, as the mortar and materials used must stay above freezing. The $5.6 million Kempton Athletic Center will offer students more room for recreation, classroom and office space, and more options for events on campus. Decorative masonry pieces on the front and sides will be installed soon, along with some finishing touches to the archway entrance and window frames. When the brick and masonry is completed, roofing will be added on the pitched sections facing the Quad. Upcoming projects also include grading of the ground around the building. This will prepare for the future installation of landscaping and sidewalks along the front. Drywall on the stage area is complete. The area has also received its first coats of paint. Paint has also been applied to nearly half the ceiling. The back wall will be the next area covered with drywall. The next phase for interior work will be tiling the shower and locker room areas. Painting and drywall work will continue throughout the inside, along with lighting and framework. Named for distinguished alumnus Dr. Wendell Kempton, the building will include an indoor running track, weight and cardio areas, a climbing wall, student lounge areas and more. Completion is set for later this year.