Scouts make campout plans Scouting Scene With Tyler VanGorder

June 20th, 2015 12:06 pm

First Posted: 1/11/2012

December is a month filled with happiness and joy. This was the same for the Scouts from Troop 160. Since this time of year is very busy, we do not have a campout in December. However, we prepared for some future trips. One of them is the January polar bear campout. This is a campout where the Scouts sleep outside in tents during the cold winter nights. In past years, the temperatures have gone in the negatives. We also have been preparing for the Klondike derby in February. This is a competition held at Goose Pond Boy Scout Reservation where several troops compete to finish the race with the best time and score. The troops have sled teams of around eight members. They have to push and pull the sled, similar to a dog team. They travel to stations spread out all around the camp. At these stations they must use their Scout skills to complete unique tasks. December is when Troop 160 has its annual holiday party. This is a fun time where the Scouts exchange white elephant gifts. White elephant gifts are creative gag gifts. The Scouts put their gifts on a table and receive a number. Then, through a raffle system, numbers are called out. The Scouts then pick from a gift on the table. Afterwards, the Scouts clean up and eat from tables filled with cookies and other treats. The holiday party is an event that many Scouts look forward to. It is a very fun time and we hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday and a great new year. Remember, a Scout is courteous.