June 20th, 2015 12:08 pm

First Posted: 4/11/2012

Recent sessions for the Kreative Kids at the Dalton Library on Mondays focused on the art technique utilized by Eric Carle in his children's books. Animals are created based on shapes using non-traditional colors for the wild beasts. The shapes are cut out of tissue paper and then a solution of Elmer's Glue watered down is used to adhere the tissue to cover stock. The overlapping of colored tissue makes for a variety of brilliant colors.

During the first of three sessions, the students made greeting cards to learn the process of creating the animals. The students then selected a tropical theme for their mural and created animals to be a part of the theme during the second session. Finally, the students created the background for their mural using the tissue paper with glue technique and added the animals they had made. They were amazed at the results. Visitors to the Dalton Library can see the mural, which is displayed along with photographs of the process.

In addition, a photo collage of the participants' efforts was created and sent to author/illustrator Eric Carle, along with an article about the project. This was sent to thank him for the influence and inspiration he had on the project.