Community Box Scores

June 20th, 2015 12:08 pm

First Posted: 4/11/2012

Stitcher's Bowling League Week 30

Mid Valley Printing leads with 32 wins, Hooters follow close behind with 30, 3rd place goes to the Greg Wall Golf School 27. Greg Wall Golf, Hooters and Mid Valley won all 4 games. High games were Trish Capwell 192, and Laurie Callahan 180. Greg Wall Golf School won high team game series and scratch series 2242.

Alley Cats Bowling League - Scores from 4/3/12

Team Standings: Wildcats-38.5, Manx-36, Calicos-36, Siamese-32.5, Tigers-26, Bobcats-26, Lynx-25, Ghost-4. High Individual Game: Maxine Gilligan-188, Anna Aten-180, Bette Connell-178. High Individual Series: Anna Aten-481, Pat Chipak-466, Bette Connell-451. High Team Game: Bobcats-692, Wildcats-685, Siamese-672. High Team Series: Bobcats-2038, Calicos-1977, Siamese-1949.