Comets powerlifters preparing for Nationals

June 20th, 2015 12:10 pm

First Posted: 1/18/2012

The Abington Heights powerlifting team had a successful trip to Downingtown. Sophomore Jerry Murray finished first in the 148 lb. high school division. He squatted 360 lbs., benched 225 lbs. and deadlifted 380 lbs. Freshman Tyler Logan finished second in the 148 lb. high school division. He squatted 285 lbs. benched 175 lbs. and deadlifted 305 lbs. Both qualified for High School Nationals in March in Wisconsin by participating in the tournament which was certified by the United States Powerlifting Federation. Amy Welcome, daughter of head coach Claude Welcome, went to the tournament to qualify for the Arnold Sports Festival, named for Arnold Schwarzenegger in Columbus, Ohio in March. Welcome took first place in the 148 lb. weight class by squatting 250 lbs., benching 140 lbs. and deadlifting 350 lbs. She was also awarded the outstanding lifter award for females at the competition. Morgan Pensak finished second in the 220 lb. open division, squatting 500 lbs., benching 375 lbs. and dead lifting 500 lbs. Donny Snyder finished first in the 242 lb. collegiate division by squatting 425 lbs., benching 325 lbs. and deadlifting 460 lbs.