ABPA aiming to expand

June 20th, 2015 12:10 pm

First Posted: 3/7/2012

Barry Kaplan, president of the Abington Business Professional Association (ABPA), was in attendance to speak at the Abington Council of Governments last meeting held March 1. Kaplan, who also owns the store Everything Natural in Clarks Summit, described the association as, " a very public -minded organization."

The Abington Business Professional Association organizes events such as the Clarks Summit Festival of Ice and the scarecrow contest held in the fall in Clarks Summit, as well as sidewalk sales and seminars for small business owners.

"The way I think of it, we make the Abingtons a more livable community. It makes an area where residents of all the communities have business and services without going to say, Scranton. They're dealing with people they know and keeping the money in Northeastern Pennsylvania," said Kaplan.

He explained that while the association deals mostly with Clarks Summit due to its walkable business district, they would be interested in interacting with more of the Abington communities.

Also discussed at the meeting was the topic of police department consolidation. Herman Johnson of Clarks Summit said a meeting is in the works with a local policy specialist to better educate communities on the issue and advise them if consolidation with another police department could benefit them.

The date and time for the meeting has not been set as Johnson is still contacting communities to see how many would be interested in attending.