Klondike Derby features Wild West theme Scouting Scene With Tyler VanGorder

June 20th, 2015 12:11 pm

First Posted: 3/7/2012

February hosted the Klondike Derby. This is a daylong competition between several Boy Scout troops at Goose Pond Boy Scout Reservations. They have been training for weeks and this is their day to prove their skills.

Troop 160 for the past couple of weeks has been practicing their scout skills this included first aid, knots, orienteering, fire building, as well as other skills.

There were nine stations each having a specific task that need to be done.

One asked scouts to boil an egg with fire and tripod that the scouts had to make. One made scouts use pre-made sling shots to shoot at targets for points.

The interesting thing about the Klondike is that the scouts must first build a sled before the competition. They put all of their gear on this sled and pull it all around camp to their events.

This year was even better than past competitions due to new rules and regulations.

The event was themed around a Wild West gold rush. Every event was scored, and based on that score the sled teams received one to 15 gold nuggets. While they were going to their next events the teams could be stopped by a claim jumper. They then asked the scouts different questions. If they got it right they would receive gold but if they got it wrong they would lose some. To avoid this they could go to the bank and deposit their gold.

This twist, as well as a variety in events, made this a very fun day for those who participated.

This month was also order of the arrow and patrol leader elections. The order of the arrow is an honor camping society in the boy scouts. They go on separate campouts and events. To be elected a scout must have the rank of first class, 15 days of camping within the year and be approved by his scoutmasters.

A unique thing about this election is that it is an organization where non members can vote. Those elected show scout spirit, are respected in their troop, and participate in cheerful service. However once they are elected they must go on an ordeal to prove their loyalty to the organization.

There were five patrol leaders elected this year. These scouts are responsible for their patrol. Being a patrol leader is a lot of work but those who do it are respected and feel satisfied. Especially after summer camp because of the extra work they must do. These scouts must do more work than the average scout to allow their patrols to run smoothly. Any scout who takes up a leadership position in his troop shows dedication.

Remember a scout is always loyal.