Cast your line

June 20th, 2015 12:11 pm

First Posted: 4/11/2012

Approximately 6,000 rainbow and brook trout were released in Lackawanna Lake at Lackawanna State Park April 3 as part of the annual stocking program by the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission. The opening day for trout season statewide is April 14.

Lackawanna Lake was stocked by the quick release method and also by buckets and netting to give children an opportunity to release fish in the lake. Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission Northeast Region Waterways Conservation Officer, Walter A. Buckman said, "Especially here, where there are a lot of kids, I like letting the kids have a bucket to be able to put the fish in with the bucket. The adults like to see the fish, too…I think people know over the course of time - I've been here 15 years - that we like to do a lot for kids."

He added, "It (Lackawanna Lake) is actually one of the best lakes in the state. It has a tremendous bass population – very large bass – it has a Muskie population, a really great Black Crappie population, Bluegill, and trout."