Residency program accredited

June 12th, 2015 11:16 am

First Posted: 3/24/2010

Members of the Board of the Scranton Temple Residency Program (STRP) announce the Accreditation of the STRP Cardiology Fellowship. From left, they are: Dr. Linda Thomas-Hemak, STRP Residency Program and Internal Medicine Program Director; Dr. Haitham Abughnia, STRP Faculty; Dr. Arjinder Sethi, STRP Faculty; Dr. Samir Pancholy, Cardiology Fellowship Program Director; Dr. Randall Brundage, President, STRP Board of Directors; Dr. Robert Wright, STRP President and CEO; John Nilsson, President and CEO, Community Medical Center and Mr. Kevin Cook, President and COO, Mercy Health Partners.