June 20th, 2015 12:13 pm

First Posted: 3/28/2012

Audio versions of the novels of two popular authors are new additions at the Abington Community Library, one a mystery written by Michael Connelly and the other a thriller by Tami Hoag.

"The Drop" – by Michael Connelly; narrated by Len Cariou. Detective Harry Bosch of the LAPD has been put on the Deferred Retirement Option Plan (the "Drop") and given three years before he must retire. As it happens, in one morning, he gets two new cases, one that compromises all of the new Regional Crime Lab's DNA cases currently in court, and the other involving the son of a councilman who may have been murdered by a sadistic killer who has been operating unknown in the city for more than twenty years.

"Down the Darkest Road" – by Tami Hoag; read by Kirsten Potter. Lauren Lawton knows exactly who took her older daughter four years before, but there is not a shred of evidence against the man. Looking for a fresh start, Lauren and her younger daughter, Leah, move to Oak Knoll, but when the suspect turns up in the same city, it seems that history is about to repeat itself. When Detective Tony Mendez and his team begin to close in on the suspected killer, desperate to keep the young women of their picturesque town safe, the case becomes increasingly disturbing.

New Adult Non-Fiction

"Reagan and Thatcher: the Difficult Relationship," by Richard Aldous. Historian Aldous draws on recently declassified documents and extensive oral history to dismantle the popular conception of their amicable diplomatic policy-making. He concludes that the weakest link in the Atlantic Alliance of the 1980s was often the association between the two principal actors, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.

"The Sweet Life: Diabetes Without Boundaries," by Sam Talbot. Nearly 100 sophisticated, flavor-packed recipes make clear that there is no reason a diabetes-friendly diet should be bland, restrictive, or overly predictable.

New Adult Fiction

"The Fear Index," Robert Harris. Dr. Alex Hoffmann has developed a revolutionary form of artificial intelligence that predicts movements in the financial markets with uncanny accuracy. When a sinister intruder breaks into his lakeside mansion, a nightmare of violence begins, and Hoffmann must attempt to discover who is trying to destroy him.

"Anatomy of Murder," by Imogen Robertson. It is 1781 in London and a body is dragged from the murky waters of the Thames. Harriet Westerman and Gabriel Crowther are called on to investigate the case of the dead man, not knowing the heights from which their assistance has been requested because it is feared that the victim is part of a plot to betray England's most precious secrets.