Newton Ransom Banquet hosted

June 20th, 2015 12:13 pm

First Posted: 3/21/2012

Newton Township- On March 3, the Newton Ransom Volunteer Fire Company hosted its annual Installation of Officers Banquet its facility, located on the Newton Ransom Highway. Newly inducted officers include those listed here. Administrative Officers: President Francine Miler, Vice President James Rau, Treasurer Emmett Sherman, Recording Secretary Sylvia Gilpin, Financial Secretary Sandy Rau, Statistical Secretary Erin Barrett. Fire Company Line Officers : Chief John J. Stemphoski,1st Asst Chief M. Jeffrey LaCoe, 2nd Asst. Chief Eugene Mancuso, Captain Tony DeCicco, Lieutenant Ted D. Stryweski. Lieutenant Steve Raukauskas, Master Mechanic Wayne Ayers, Asst. Mechanic Ralph Kettle Sr. Emergency Service Line Officers: Captain Francine Miller, EMS 8-1 Dan Williams, EMS8-2 James Richards. Fire Police Line Officers: Captain James Rau and Fire Police Lieutenant Wes Latham. Ladies Auxiliary Officers: President Sandy Rau, Vice President Marion Karanosky, Treasurer Jean Richards, Secretary Nancy Madus, Chaplain Betty Lansiedel, Relief Association Administrative Officers: President John J. Stemphoski, Vice President Ralph Kettle Sr., Treasurer John Frankowski and Secretary Silvia Gilpin. Further appointed were Fire Company Trustees: Chairman John Frankowski, Trustees- Ted Stryweski Sr., Wes Latham, M. Jeffrey LaCoe, Bill Angel and Ralph Kettle. Relief Association Trustees appointed were James Rau, Frank Miller and Steve Raukauskas. The Newton Ransom Volunteer Fire Company dedicated the evening to their deceased members John S. Stemphoski and George Koerner.