Newton seeks propane bids

June 20th, 2015 12:13 pm

First Posted: 4/4/2012

NEWTON TWP.- Newton Township Supervisors are beginning to seek bids for propane in an effort to budget costs for the upcoming winter. Board Supervisor Ron Koldjeski said at the March meeting of the board of supervisors, "We are taking no actions on these bids tonight, we simply want to know where prices are headed and we will be rebidding in June or July.

Three bids were received for the board review, the first from Atlantic Propane in the current rate amount of $1.80 per gallon; the second from Suburban Propane at $1.8026 and the third from Keystone Propane in the amount of $2. Most of the bids require a minimum purchase of 5,000 gallons annually.

Also discussed was the issue of the highway department's grader Road master. Supervisor Doug Pallman said, "We have a grader sitting at our shop that is not working and will need repairs of up and around $4,000 just to get it running. We will need a grader for road work… maybe we need to look into getting a used one."

Koldjeski said, "We should look into the possibility of renting one to keep costs down, or we can look into the possibility of hiring a contractor to do the road work. And from what our town clerk has researched, we can rent one for $350 a day to $1,400 a week. We need to make a decision by next meeting one way or another."

The Planning Commission members informed the board that they have been working on an ordinance in regard to gas drilling and its regulations. It should be prepared for board review at the April meeting. The Planning Commission, as well as the Gas Drilling Committee, will present the ordinance. From there it will receive board review and an advertised public hearing. The ordinance will be put to a vote by April 28.