Waverly to fund Comm insulation

June 20th, 2015 12:13 pm

First Posted: 3/21/2012

WAVERLY- There were a few guests at the March 12Waverly Township Board of Supervisors meeting, including Maria Wilson and Lou Houck on behalf of the Waverly Community House, or The Comm. Maria Wilson, executive director, expects three vacancies on the Board of Trustees for The Comm and requested recommendations from the Supervisors.

In 2009, the Waverly Comm started a "conserve energy project" with the initiative to save on heating costs, insulate and upgrade the heating. The Building and Grounds Committee met and agreed that the project will pay for itself over time with the reduction in heating costs . Wilson also hopes to replace the current lights with period lights as well as replace the steel doors leading to the playground. The township sets aside a portion of their yearly budget for the Waverly Community House and has approved a motion to fund the insulation project as requested for $8,640.

In the Manager's Report, Bill White expressed concern about the tax collection committee and earned income tax. A letter listing all the residents was sent to the township and there was an error of 164 residents not included on the list. White called a representative for Berkheimer from Lackawanna County . The representative plans to review the lists .

Sewage Treatment Plant upgrade required

The Waverly Township Sewer Treatment Plant effluent requirements have changed as a result of the Chesapeake Bay initiative to clean the waters that flow to the Bay. Waverly Township is in the Susquehanna River watershed and the sewage treatment drains to the Bay. Discharge requirements are mandated by the EPA and DEP. The Waverly Township Sewage Treatment Facility is required to meet updated discharge criteria by the end of 2013. To do so, certified waste water treatment operatorsTom James and Steve Bray and ownship Supervisors, have been working with township engineers to ude the most efficient and inexpensive means possible.

The Waverly Township treatment plant utilizes a "lagoon system" to treat effluent from the existing sewage collection system. The system, developed and put in place in 1986 at a cost of $1.2 million is efficient, but imited in its capacity to consistently meet ammonia-nitrogen discharge parameters or the pending nutrient reductions. The revised regulations will require substantial reduction in the amount of nutrients in the discharge. Waverly Township is obligated to develop plans. As designed and operated, the existing system will either need to be modified, upgraded or replaced. To identify a cost effective solution, the Township has explored options.