Kennel approved with regulations

June 20th, 2015 12:14 pm

First Posted: 4/11/2012

SCOTT TOWNSHIP- Canio and Susan Padula went before the Scott Township Board of Supervisors March 20, to gain approval for a conditional use permit for a proposed dog kennel on 431 Stone School Lane.Susan Padula, whose birthday was that same day, got a present in the form of the approval, with some regulations to be followed.

Richard Fanucci, the solicitor for the board, noted that the hearingwas properly advertised, all fees were paid, and the property was properly posted for the kennel.

The Padulas went before the Scott Township planning commission a few weeks prior with their proposal of a 25 -dog breeding facility inside a barn on property that they are proposing to buy in the township. Canio Padula said, "We are looking to install a kennel to breed dogs, obtain puppies and then sell the puppies. We will be raising English Setters. They are a hunting dog breed and we will not exceed 25 dogs, and all puppies will be preordered. I know there is a concern about barking, but believe me I don't want barking either. I will be living at the house near the barn. We are looking to purchase a total of 8.86 acres."

Code Enforcement Officer Carl Ferro informed the board that the Padulas took their plans to the planning commission and met all set backs. Planning commission reviewed it March 6 and added requirements. Ferro said, "The planning commission did state that they can only have one specific breed, no signage. If barking does become a problem they will have to install a vegetative fence and that there would be no commercial breeding. Our regular set backs are 150 feet, and in this case the barn is like 650 set back from the home, and from 8 p.m. - 8 a.m. no dogs will be outside. It is in a R1 district and it does fall under all ordinance requirements."

Neighbor Jacquelyn Jenkins was present at the hearing against the kennel. "I was at the last meeting and I want it known that I was not aware that they would have a total of 15 dogs coming in already. I don't want to see animals in a barn at all times and I don't want to hear barking all day and night. We are experiencing bad water there now and our road is in terrible shape. Putting a kennel there is not a good thing. I have lived here 25 years and I am disappointed my neighbors are not here tonight," said Jenkins.

The board approved the installation of the kennel as long as all conditions of the conditional use permit are followed and observed.