Schultzville Church Cornerstone preserved

June 20th, 2015 6:38 pm

First Posted: 6/3/2009

As the church was rebuilt in 1940, one side of the Cornerstone indicated dates of 1861-1908 and on the other side 1861-1908-1940. The documents dated back to January, 1940. Due to moisture, all items were deteriorated. Last year Schultzville church merged with Ransom, Milwaukee and Newton Churches to form Countryside Community Church, a United Methodist Fellowship. The four churches are currently meeting at the Newton campus with plans to start construction of a new building on Orchard Drive. The land was donated by Keith and Dorothy Eckel. Taking a first look at the history enclosed are, from left, Karen Rickaby, Sue Shaffer, Keith Eckel, Mary Martenson, Helen Herne and Betty Mears.