June 20th, 2015 6:42 pm

First Posted: 7/29/2009

In 2007 the Newton Township Supervisors passed an ordinance regarding various facets of wind tower construction in the township. The ordinance was based upon other ordinances already in effect across the state and elsewhere. Now, the Supervisors are holding a public hearing on amending the ordinance in favor of those who would build such towers. The height allowance is being increased (to 426 feet or nearly 43 stories) and distance from property lines decreased. As well as the allowable noise levels being changed. Under these rules, any new wind towers will dwarf the proposed power line towers, which in turn will dwarf the existing towers. The hearing is set for August 5 at 7 p.m. at the township building with the regular monthly meeting to follow, at which the Supervisors plan on voting on the issue. Note that the regular monthly meeting is being moved from the second Monday to what would normally be the work session night. Please, even if you are not Newton resident or property owner, attend the hearing and meeting and spread the word on the matter. It will effect most area residents, since any such towers will be clearly visible from throughout the area as they would be built on the second highest ridge line in the entire county, as well as visible from most points in the region. Not to mention the immediate area has various threatened and endangered flora and fauna and should be left pristine for the benefit of all.