Martial Arts at Newton Ransom Rec Center

June 20th, 2015 6:49 pm

First Posted: 7/8/2009

The Newton Ransom Recreation Center recently hosted the 2009 Pai Lum Tao Pennsylvania State Championship Tournament. Martial Arts students competed in Kung Fu - Open Hand Forms, Point Sparring, Tai Chi - Open Hand Forms, and SanShou - Full Contact Fighting. Forms are that of Pai Lum Tao, the way of the White Dragon, a traditional Chinese Martial Art system, comprised of Kung Fu, Kenpo, Tai Chi and SanShou. Competing students are members of The White Dragon Warrior Society. Techniques and theories taught are direct lineage to Great Grandmaster Pai through Grandmaster Glenn C. Wilson. The White Dragon Warrior Society is devoted to Pai Lum Tao Kung Fu, Kenpo and Tai Chi. Academies can be found locally at: Chinese Kung Fu Academy, Inc. and Pai Yung Tai Chi both of Archbald and Fire Dragon Martial Arts Studio, located in Clarks Summit. All fees were part of fundraising efforts to help defer the cost of travel to The White Dragon Warrior Society International Conference held July 31 to August 2, in Orlando, FL. Local martial artists will compete and train with other aspiring warriors from around the globe. More information on The White Dragon Warrior Society and local academies can be found at: State Championship participants shown above, include Peri Blomquist, Tristan Blomquist, PaulColeman, Devin Diehl, Matthew Diehl, Susan Duckworth, Sable Dushney, Frank Ferraro, Sean Kapp, Brian Langieri, Gary Langieri, Kiana Lavery, Travis Manaseri, Christian Mazzo, Richard Potter, Jonathan Shumski, Jonathan Sileo, Joseph Sileo, Bradley Wagner, Timothy Walsh, Joseph Yasanovich, John Zuubluskas, SiGung Bobby Earl, Sifu Joe McGuire, Sifu Jessica Placek, Sifu Wendi Shumski, Sifu Joanne Shumski and Sifu Frank Gracia