Bridge builders wanted

June 20th, 2015 6:50 pm - updated: 6:50 pm.

First Posted: 11/25/2009

The Northeastern Pennsylvania Bridge Building Committee encourages all public and private schools in the northeast quadrant of Pennsylvania to select three students to represent their school in a unique educational experience, the 23rd Annual Regional Bridge Building Competition. The competition is held Feb. 13 in the Viewmont Mall, Dickson City. The competition is co-directed by L. Edward Moody and Donald H. Kieffer. The objective of the competition is to provide an educational learning experience for secondary students to demonstrate their understanding of scientific and engineering principles to everyday experiences in this case bridge structures. Students from all public and private high schools are invited to construct a model bridge. These bridges must be designed and constructed by the student from 3/32 inch basswood that meets specific criteria established each year by the International Bridge Building Committee. Criteria and assistance is provided for the individual schools to conduct their own competition to choose their representatives for the regional competition. Arrangements for the delivery of the wood kits for the regional competition and/or sponsorships may be made by contacting Donald Kieffer at 570.586.0197; fax 570.587.1154 or . Participants are requested to be at the Viewmont Mall on Saturday, Feb. 13, at 8:45 p.m. to begin checking bridges for adherence to specifications.