Rotary Club of the Abingtons: Interact Club puts ‘service above self’ at

About 60 students can be found taking an active part in an Interact meeting at 7:30 a.m. every other Wednesday in the Abington Heights High School auditorium. These teenagers have to get out of bed earlier on that day and find a way to get to school because the bus schedule would not get them […]

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Dalton Library Delights: Dalton Community Library welcomes November

Here we are, November. We’re getting to the end of a very eventful and successful year at the Dalton Community Library. One of our huge library events was held last month. The fall book and bake sale was a wonderful day for our library. What a crowd we had. The sale was busy all day […]

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Clarks Green pocket library offers more opportunities to read

CLARKS GREEN — Borough residents now have easy access to reading materials. All they have to do is ‘take a book and leave a book’ inside the newly developed pocket library located next to the clock in the town’s pocket park on North Abington Road. The pocket library was built by Clarks Green Mayor William […]

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More Than Movies: Dietrich Theater programs are informative, spooky, fun

Sometimes a program at the Dietrich Theater is so informative, we feel we must tell all of you about it. Last Saturday, Mike Lovegreen presented “Agriculture – The Roots of the Endless Mountains,” a program sponsored by the Endless Mountains Heritage Region (EMHR) with funding from the PA DCNR. I don’t know about you, but […]

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Letter to the Editor: Clarks Summit resident shares ‘random thoughts’

Editor, Just a few random thoughts: • Automatic weapons can be used for only one purpose — to kill people. We do not have to get rid of the second amendment to get rid of automatic weapons. Keyword “amend.” • Unions were good and necessary in the early part of the 20th century. Now they […]

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More Than Movies: Silence observed

I have been noting lately we have so few opportunities to observe silence in our lives. This is so dramatically illustrated in our art classes, because art classes are times when silence sometimes reigns, silence while creating an art project, especially as it is planned and conceived. As Dietrich Theater art teacher Amy Colley says, […]

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Parenting Abington Style: Reflections on teen drivers

My daughter and most of her friends are deep in the throes of learning to drive. Even the ones who already have their licenses are still learning, as evidenced by the stories I’m hearing about speeding tickets, fender benders and suspension of privileges. The day after my daughter’s 16th birthday, we made our way to […]

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Letter to the editor: Tips for a safe and happy Halloween

Editor: As a concerned parent, I would like to share some helpful hints to have a safe Halloween season: 1. Trick or treat in large groups of friends – take count of group members after every house, if not accompanied by an adult. 2. Do not go into strangers’ houses. 3. Do not eat unwrapped […]

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More Than Movies: Stories take center stage at the Dietrich Theater

A Lake Carey story and a Harding story – our exhibits often tell wonderful stories. The newly installed Heritage Quilts exhibit, on display through Nov. 15, tells two stories of the special quilting tradition in our area, the story of two special families. Robert Fellows, of Lake Carey, is sharing the quilts and memorabilia of […]

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Man on the street: ‘Why do we celebrate Columbus Day?’

“Because Columbus discovered America on the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria.” Emilia Gabello Dunmore “To celebrate Columbus coming to America.” Anna Kapacs-Fenton Scranton “We celebrate Columbus Day because, without him, we wouldn’t be here right now. He found a new nation. America is a place where we all can be together.” Grace Kapacs-Fenton Scranton “Because […]

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