6 Ingenious Landscaping Ideas For 2017 - Sponsored Content

May 19th, 2017 9:21 am

Landscaping can be frustrating in the springtime, especially here in Mid-Atlantic. You’re dealing with the rain, the weeds, the aftermath of winter’s sting, various critters and the like. Sometimes you don’t know where to start. And yes, starting over is an option too! After you put a game plan together for your yard, you might discover you only need a new focal point.

Here are six ingenious landscaping ideas for you, six new focal points to build around, in 2017:

Wheelbarrow Planter

One way to enhance any garden or perhaps even a front yard flower bed is the incorporation of a wheelbarrow planter. This style of planter can create an old fashioned look. An advantage to this landscaping device is its mobility – in most situations, you could easily move the wheelbarrow throughout the years or for various occasions. Portable flowers, what a genius concept! You can even scrap the vintage look and take to newer wheelbarrows, if it’s more aesthetically pleasing.

Driveway Lighting

There are multiple ways to create an inviting look for your home and driveway lighting is at the top of the list. Outdoor lighting can create a wonderful evening atmosphere and compliment your home’s exterior landscaping. While many homeowners opt for “entrance-only” lighting for their driveway, there’s something majestic about solar lighting placed gracefully along the edges of a driveway. Solar, though it may have a shorter life span as opposed to electrical-based lighting, provides all you need for your evening ambience. Bring your landscaping to life at night!

Stone-Lined Areas

One great way to create unique spaces around your home or gardens, while having a more distinguished look, can be achieved through employing stone-lined areas. Stone-lined/edged flower or garden beds have a knack for being low maintenance (depending on the materials and quantity being used) and prevent your grass from overrunning those beds. Give your yard some definition by developing some of those areas through edging. This is an easy DIY project that could make a huge impact for your landscaping.

Wagon Wheels

You don’t need to live in the Wild West to utilize this landscaping tool. Wagon wheels can be used on fences or as borders, but we love them best in raised garden beds. Depending on their style, they can bring a rustic appeal to your yard. Sometimes a simple tilt is all you need to give some depth and a different look to your property. And for an extremely low cost, you can boost your landscaping. “If it doesn't seem to be worth the effort, it probably isn't.”


I know what you’re thinking. In the words of TLC, “don’t go chasing waterfalls,” but this DIY project isn’t as complicated as it may seem. The aesthetics and return on this upgrade is worth it, but a project like this costs money – not nearly as much as a professional would charge, but probably more than the other ideas on this list. The sounds of running water can compel the ears, making the case to your eyes and heart that this is your “happy place.” If you’re dreaming about a mini private oasis near your porch or deck, this is a wonderful place to start.


One way you can unify your landscaping is through subtle, decorative pathways. Be sure to think about your home’s style and age before purchasing stones, wood, brick, mulch or other materials you might use to create your pathways. This project can get complicated, so make sure to simplify it as much as possible by planning ahead. Do your research! There are some great how-to videos on YouTube and other sites, which really lay the groundwork for stone/rock pathways. Don’t be intimated by undertaking this task alone, chances are the rewards will outweigh the effort. Also, if you intend to use stones/rocks, assuming your pathway isn’t covered, make sure they don’t get “slippery when wet.”

We hope you enjoyed these six ingenious landscaping ideas for 2017. One or two of these might be what your yard has been missing all these years. Did we omit anything that has really worked for you and your landscaping? Please share your ideas so we can all benefit.