Scranton Chinese School holds picnic, celebrates anniversary

June 26th, 2015 2:20 pm

From left, Dawei Zhang, Huey Shi Chew, Rachel Zhou and Yufeng Wang enjoy the event.
From left, Fenny Goenarto, Giovanni Gunawan, Guntoro Gunawan and Juenling Wang enjoy the Scranton Chinese School picnic on June 7.
Alex Bi, left, and Kevin Hu pose for a photo during the event.
Alex Bi, left, and Shu Qiu enjoy the festivities on June 7.

SCRANTON — More than 70 people attended the Chinese School’s spring picnic and fifth anniversary on Sunday, June 7 at the DeNaples Patio at the University of Scranton. The event was sponsored by the Scranton Chinese School.

After lunch, there was a simple service award ceremony for the fifth anniversary. The awards went to Drs. Chaogui Zhang, Yaodong Bi, and Arthur Huatao Wu in honor of their dedication and excellent service to the Chinese School over the past five years.