LOCAL SCOUTING LIFE: Scouts learn valuable lessons through training course

Local Scouting Life - Bryan Melliand | November 7th, 2015 3:07 pm

A few scouts from Troop 160 took a great opportunity to attend Great Medicine, a youth and adult leadership training course. During the course, the scouts were taught new ways to lead efficiently and work together. This year, the training course was held on Nov. 7 at the Shavertown United Methodist Church. This course is especially helpful for scouts who hold a leadership position in their troop.

The scouts from Troop 160 will be helping the Dalton Food Pantry and other volunteers sort the different items of non-perishable food. If you have any food items you would like to donate to this wonderful cause, you can bring them to the various drop off points or the Dalton Food Pantry located near the Dalton United Methodist Church. Any donations will be greatly appreciated for the families that rely on the pantry for this holiday season and year round.

On Oct. 17, the scouts took a 17 1/2-mile biking trip to Mr. Tone’s farm in Falls. When the scouts finally arrived at the farm they set up their tents and patrol sights. After the scouts had finished cooking their lunches, they were taught how to use a map and compass to find an objective at the end of the course. Once the orienteering course was complete, the scouts were able to play games in the field. Soon after dinner was made and eaten the scouts put together a few skits and songs by patrol. This led to a fun time had by all even though it was cold. Everyone woke up to a cold morning frost, packed up their gear and cycled in the cold morning air.

During the month of October, several scouts advanced rank. The scouts who advanced from Tenderfoot to Second Class are Alex Nole and Jonathan Rabbe. Nate Armstrong advanced from First Class to Star Scout. We had one scout that received an award that is only achievable after the rank of Eagle Scout is earned. David Boeth has earned his Gold Palm. A Gold Palm is earned after the Eagle Scout has earned ten merit badges (past the required twenty one merit badges for Eagle Scout). Congratulations to those scouts who had advanced.


Local Scouting Life

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