A wintry mix on the Abington Community Library shelves

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Celebrate the winter season and holidays with these picks from the Abington Community Library:

• Babies will love learning how to shake like Santa in “The Santa Shimmy,” a board book written by Christianne C. Jones and illustrated by Emma Randall.

• Join Dora as she sleds, skates, and skies her way through “Dora and the Winter Games,” written by Martha T. Ottersley and illustrated by Susan Hall.

• In “Oskar and the Eight Blessings,” written by Richard and Tanya Simon and illustrated by Mark Siegel, a young Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany arrives in New York City for Hanukkah and receives small acts of kindness.

• Ever wanted to build the best snow fort of all? Try “Building Snow Forts,” written by Dana Meachen Rau and illustrated by Kathleen Petelinsek. This book will give you tips and techniques to build the perfect snow fort. Game ideas are also included.

• Stay safe this winter and learn about “Extreme Weather: Surviving Tornados, Hailstorms, Sandstorms, Blizzards, Hurricanes, and More” by Thomas Kostigen. Find out the records for snow accumulation and rain levels with the help of facts, science, and first-hand accounts.

• Get creative with “Step-by-Step Crafts for Winter,” written by Kathy Ross and illustrated by Jennifer Emery. Includes decorations for winter holidays like Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Lincoln’s birthday.

• You have heard that every snowflake is unique and special. Now learn the story of the man who was so fascinated by snowflakes that he studied them his whole life. “Snowflake Bentley” is the story of Wilson A. Bentley, the man who photographed snowflakes. This picture book by Jacqueline Briggs Martin includes illustrations by Mary Azarian.

• In “Winterfrost,” a novel by Michelle Houts, an ordinary Danish Christmas turns extraordinary when Bettina forgets about the important family tradition of leaving rice pudding out for the mischievous nisse.

Use your imagination to sled, skate and ski through this book with Dora.
http://www.theabingtonjournal.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/web1_ABJ-My-Bookmark-Dec15.jpgUse your imagination to sled, skate and ski through this book with Dora.

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