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My Bookmark - Laura Gardoski | January 4th, 2016 3:34 pm

Jump into physical fitness and activity with these sports reads from the Abington Community Library.

• Learn how to juggle a ball with your feet, shield your opponent, and more in “Top 25 Soccer Skills, Tips, and Tricks” by Jeff Savage.

• Love to dance? Stretch out first using the exercises in “Street Jazz and Modern Dance” by Rita Storey and then jump right in to hip-hop, tap, break-dancing, and more. Don’t forget to cool down.

• “Poem Runs” by Douglas Florian is full of short baseball poems. Enjoy colorful paintings by the author throughout this illustrated picture book.

• “Get Inside the Olympics” by Nick Hunter and discover the history of the world’s greatest Games. Explore great moments, athletes, and controversies. Includes behind-the-scenes features, reference, and biographies.

• Fans of the “Who Was and What Is” series will love “What is the World Series” by Gail Herman. This engaging book includes vibrant illustrations by David Grayson Kenyon, along with 16 pages of photos. Find out more about the curse of the Cubs, a historic earthquake that interrupted a game, and the fixing of the 1919 World Series.

• Page through astounding photos of athletes mid-jump, kick, and race in “The Amazing World of Sports: The Ultimate Sports Photography Book” published by Sports Illustrated.

• In “Izzy Bar, Running Star” by Claudia Mills, Izzy is the star athlete of the third grade. She hits home-runs and runs faster than nearly anyone. So why does her father miss so many games? If you like this story, check out the other books in the “Franklin School Friends series.”

• Joe has the astonishing ability to travel through time with baseball cards. Now he’s bound for Chicago’s Wrigley Field to meet up with Babe Ruth. This time, his father is along for the ride in “Babe & Me by Dan Gutman.”

• Aspiring sports writers Stevie Thomas and Susan Carol Anderson are covering the U.S. Open in New York City when the most-watched player in tennis vanishes. Everyone’s looking for Nadia Symanova, but can Stevie and Susan solve the mystery first? Middle-grade readers will enjoy “Vanishing Acts” by John Feinstein.

‘Top 25 Soccer Skills, Tips, and Tricks’ by Jeff Savage is available to check out with your library card at the Abington Community Library.‘Top 25 Soccer Skills, Tips, and Tricks’ by Jeff Savage is available to check out with your library card at the Abington Community Library.

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