Local Scouting Life: Troop 160 prepares for winter activities

Local Scouting Life - Bryan Melliand | January 16th, 2016 11:41 am

As the winter months begin to set in, Troop 160 is not stopped by a chilly day. Rather, they prefer to stay active on their camp-outs and Scouting activities. This month, Troop 160 is attending a few extraordinary events. Some they planned themselves and others are all set for them to show up at.

On Jan. 9, Troop 160 attended merit badge college. Merit badge college is a fantastic opportunity to earn many merit badges in one day, but may require working before the event. Each Scout goes around the King’s College campus to different classrooms for a few hours at a time. The rooms are predetermined according to the merit badges they signed up for. Around noon, the scouts are presented with a one-hour lunch break to refuel on energy and talk to their friends. The scouts always have fun at the event and get to meet new people wherever they are on campus.

The Scouts from Troop 160 will be buttoning up their jackets as they head out into the cold weather for a great weekend of camping. As they head up to Camp Achehela, they will be setting up their gear and then start the activities. Some of the activities planned are fire building, orienteering, tracking, and sledding if the snow and weather permits. The scouts are in charge of planning their own meals, buying the food, and then the fun part which is cooking and eating it. The rest of the weekend will consist of spending the time however they want.

For the next five weeks Scouts from Troop 160 will have the opportunity to earn a communications merit badge. Communications is a required merit badge in order to have the opportunity to be awarded the rank of Eagle Scout. Along with communications there are 20 other Eagle Scout required merit badges.

Scouts of all ages will have another chilly, outdoor experience on Sunday, Feb. 7 will be another chilly outdoor experience during the Klondike Derby at Goose Pond Scout Reservation. The Scouts will be going around from station to station pulling their sleds with all of their gear they need for that day. Some of the gear on the sleds includes ropes for lashings, dry wood for fire building, food for lunches along with the materials to cook, if needed. Some activities the Scouts will have to complete can range from fire building to cooking and even to a Scout’s favorite, first aid.

Remember a Scout is reverent.

Members of Troop 160’s Philmont crew train for their treks in New Mexico next year.
http://www.theabingtonjournal.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/web1_ABJ-Scouting-Life.jpgMembers of Troop 160’s Philmont crew train for their treks in New Mexico next year. Submitted photo
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