Dalton Library Delights: Join the reading ‘madness’ in March

Dalton Library Delights - Jennifer Familetti | March 1st, 2016 9:53 am

Stop the madness. Or, simply join in.

The Dalton Community Library will participate in March Madness, an adult book challenge, this month. Everyone is invited to take part in the challenge. Read books from 22 categories and earn the chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S2 8.0. For every three books in different categories, you’ll earn one chance to win prizes – it’s that easy. This challenge will be held throughout the whole month of March, giving all patrons the chance and the time to enjoy the books they choose.

Also, for patrons signed up at the Dalton Community Library who finish three books, an automatic prize will be given and there will be a special basket raffle at the end of March. A few examples of the categories the books are placed in are, “a book you can finish in one day,” “a book with a one word title,” “a book of poetry ” and “a book that became a movie.” The books were chosen by county librarians who kept our patrons’ interests in mind.

Stop in the Dalton Community Library to sign up for March Madness, be entered to win the Samsung S2 8.0, and enjoy reading while being a part of the madness.

The adult and children’s programs are going well this year. We have had great attendance for our adult programs Mahjong, Bridge, Casual Chat, book discussions and others. The children have been enjoying StoryTime and our Kid’s Crew programs and they both recently have had special guests during their programs. February was an enjoyable month and we’re looking forward to the same excitement for March. Won’t you come join us? Newcomers of all ages are always welcome.

Call 570-563-2014 or email JFamiletti@albright.org with any questions about programs. Information can also be found at lclshome.org/Dalton .

We have had some inquiries about an upcoming Chess program that is in the making. There are a few spots available if anyone would like to play, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player. Call or email if you’re interested in joining this developing group.

Have a joyful March! See everyone at the Dalton Community Library!


Dalton Library Delights

Jennifer Familetti

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