Andrew Brandt appointed to Dalton Sewer Authority

By Ben Freda - For Abington Journal | June 14th, 2016 8:14 pm

DALTON — Andrew Brandt was appointed to the Dalton Sewer Authority during a meeting June 9, and all members voted for the appointment, including Brandt’s uncle, Councilman Bill Brandt.

Accoring to Solicitor Frank Bolock Jr., council had been seeking to fill the open, unpaid sewer authority spot for the past six months. After the meeting, Bolock said Bill Brandt “may have” voted for his nephew, and if there is a conflict of interest, he will address it to the board.

Andrew Brandt is a political science major at The University of Scranton and currently working on a project with state Rep. Karen Boback.

“He’s (Andrew) very interested in the political process,” said Bill Brandt.

Council also voted to advertise an ordinance to decrease the Dalton Borough garbage fee to $288 for 2016.

“The ordinance that we advertise amends all of the previous garbage fee ordinance,” said solicitor Frank Bolock.

In other news, Councilman Bill Montgomery read the report of Mayor Aaron Holzman, who was absent from the meeting. Holzman and Chief Chris Tolson will meet to place an order for a new police car.

“We’re doing a lease on the car,” said Montgomery. “We want to pay one year at a time, and we have that money in our contingency fund. The chief (Tolson) has come up with a little bit of pricing. Some of the equipment is going to be purchased locally, and the annual price will be lower. But we have to put a few bucks towards the lights and sirens.”

Also from his mayor’s report, Montgomery read that Dalton Fire Company Chief Tim Carpenter asked council members to donate $250 to help fund a fireworks display during the Dalton Fire Company Carnival in July.

Council approved a donation of $250 to the Abington Rotary Fireworks Committee for their fireworks display at the Abington Heights Middle School.

Andrew Brandt Brandt

By Ben Freda

For Abington Journal

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