Abington area students named to dean’s list at Penn State University

For Abington Journal | June 28th, 2016 4:35 pm

The following Abington area students were named to the dean’s list at Penn State University for the 2016 spring semester:


Maria B. Gibson, of Clarks Summit

Matthew S. Pettinato, of Clarks Summit


Russell J. Lauzon-Toole, of Factoryville

University Park

Danielle M. Barrasse, of Clarks Summit

Bobbi S. Benson, of Clarks Summit

Joseph M. Brutico, of Clarks Summit

Gabriel A. Brutico, of South Abington Twp.

Mary G. Chuff, of South Abington Twp.

Isabelle C. Clauss, of Clarks Summit

Kevin E. Crawford, of Dalton

Aidan S. Cronin, of Tunkhannock

Jeffrey S. Curran, of North Abington Twp.

Paige N. Eisenlohr, of Clarks Summit

Theodore C. Frear, of Factoryville

William J. Gerrity, of Clarks Summit

Brady L. Glass, of Tunkhannock

Susan M. Hayner, of Clarks Summit

Kory P. Helcoski, of South Abington Twp.

Katrina Helcoski, of South Abington Twp.

Robert J. Hricko, of Nicholson

Meghan E. Judge, of Clarks Summit

Alexa A. Julian, of Clarks Summit

Jonathan J. Kizer, of Clarks Summit

Corryn B. Klien, of Clarks Summit

Ian A Kopack, of Clarks Summit

Nathan L. Laubham, of Clarks Summit

Justin P. Levy, of Clarks Summit

Valerie M. Lindner, of Falls

Corey Moletsky, of Clarks Summit

Megan J. Moran, of Tunkhannock

Peter D. Murazzi, of Dalton

Matthew W. Parry, of Clarks Summit

Katherine G. Rosencrance, of Clarks Summit

Matthew Rynkiewicz, of Factoryville

Allison Sands, of Falls

Tony Shao, of Tunkhannock

Daniel F. Shurtleff, of Tunkhannock

Nicholas M. Sujkowski, of Dalton

Nicholas M. Szewczyk, of Tunkhannock

David J. Trexler, of Tunkhannock

Eric L. Tschantz, of Tunkhannock

John J. Vassil, of Dalton

Bradley M. Wagner, of Clarks Summit

Alison R. Wetherbee, of Tunkhannock

Worthington Scranton

Matthew R. Aten, of Factoryville

Udai S. Aulakh, of Waverly

Celeste M. Belknap, of Clarks Summit

David T. Beichler, of Fleetville

Samantha Bilardi, of Clarks Summit

Michael J. Bohenek, of Clarks Summit

Angelo M. Brutico, of Clarks Summit

Ashley Derr, of South Abington Twp.

Jo Ann Durdan, of Clarks Summit

Heather L. Florentino, of South Abington Twp.

Clare Gallagher, of South Abington Twp.

Amanda E. Gower, of South Abington Twp.

Sarah M. Guchanyk, of South Abington Twp.

Matthew S. Hayner, of Clarks Summit

Victoria E. Hegedty, of Factoryville

Danielle Krimmel, of Factoryville

Mallory L. Mailen, of Clarks Summit

Shamus G. McGuigan, of Clarks Summit

James J. McKenna, of Clarks Green

Elizabeth A. Melliand, of Clarks Summit

Megan E. Nothdurft, of Clarks Summit

Tyler S. Patchoski, of Clarks Summit

Rachel Pollack, of Clarks Summit

Jennifer L. Ptakowski, of Clarks Summit

Ashley Rozelle, of Clarks Summit

Christopher B. Stutzman, of Dalton

Amanda M. Stutzman, of Dalton

Megan Werner, of Clarks Summit


Shawn Driesbaugh, of Clarks Summit

Taylor S. Finan, of Dalton

Robert J. Stevens, of Tunkhannock

World Campus

Jennifer L. Farrar, of Dalton

Mary E. Guenther, of South Abington Twp.

Study Abroad Program

Jessica A. Kurey, of Clarks Summit


For Abington Journal

Information provided by Penn State University.