Abington area students named to dean’s list at The University of Scranton

For Abington Journal | July 5th, 2016 1:16 pm

SCRANTON — Several Abington area students were named to the dean’s list at The University of Scranton for the 2016 spring semester.

A student must have a grade point average of 3.5 or better with a minimum number of credit hours to make the dean’s list. The list includes students from the College of Arts and Sciences, Kania School of Management and Panuska College of Professional Studies.

Local students who qualified for the dean’s list are:

• Gianna R. Baldoni, of Clarks Summit

• Matthew R. Barrett, of Clarks Summit

• Erika L. Beyrent, of Clarks Summit

• Emma L. Black, of South Abington Township

• Andre L. Camayd, of Clarks Green

• Lauren Coggins, of Clarks Summit

• Jasmin L. Colon, of Clarks Summit

• Amanda M. Downer, of Clarks Summit

• Vanessa A. Duboski, of Clarks Summit

• Caroline M. Farrell, of Clarks Green

• Mariah F. Hawley, of Clarks Green

• Emily R. Holzman, of Dalton

• Heather A. Holzman, of Dalton

• Caroline E. Hopkins, of North Abington Township

• Katherine J. Hubert, of Clarks Summit

• Madeline H. Keegan, of Clarks Summit

• Emily E. Lance, of Clarks Summit

• Colin M. Langan, of South Abington Township

• Nathan R. Langan, I, of South Abington Township

• Louanne M. Mack, of Dalton

• Alyssa L. Mallory, of Dalton

• Terrence K. McGurrin, of Clarks Summit

• Eric M. Montella, of Waverly

• Samuel J. Morano, of Clarks Summit

• Noni M. Murithi, of South Abington Township

• Jordan N. Oakey, of South Abington Township

• Courtney L. Ostrowski, of Dalton

• Brandon J. Pacyna, of South Abington Township

• Connor A. Pacyna, of Clarks Summit

• Michelle J. Pacyna, of South Abington Township

• Amber M. Page, of Clarks Summit

• Elizabeth A. Pattara, of South Abington Township

• Enrico T. Pelicci, of Waverly

• Jacqueline M. Pesavento, of Clarks Summit

• Isabelle A. Rajan, of Clarks Summit

• Marco M. Richione, IV, of South Abington Township

• Ryan F. Rigau, of Clarks Summit

• Brady Q. Rippon, of Clarks Summit

• Mary S. Rosencrance, of Clarks Summit

• Erika L. Sarno, of Dalton

• Danae T. Snyder, of Clarks Summit

• Michelle C. Sulzinski, of Clarks Summit

• Adam M. Sunday, of South Abington Township

• Madalyne A. Sunday, of South Abington Township

• Zackary N. Tamimi, of Clarks Green

• Eleanor J. Wilson, of Dalton

• Devin P. Wood, of Newton Township


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Information provided by The University of Scranton