South Abington Twp. residents seek answers regarding Hampton Estates development, disrepair of Fawn Hill Road

By Elizabeth Baumeister - | July 12th, 2016 12:58 pm

SOUTH ABINGTON TWP. — Resident Michelle Baruffaldi, of Crossgate Drive, visited Monday’s township board of supervisors meeting in search of information on the Hampton Estates development neighboring her property.

“I’m trying to figure out, one, the timeline, and two, if a traffic report was conducted, what the results were and if, perhaps a previous traffic report was done,” she said. “From my understanding, I thought that there was one done sometime years ago and determined they would need a traffic light, because of increased traffic that would occur.”

Baruffaldi expressed her concern over an already often congested area.

“Right now, Fairview (Road) is a mess, especially with school time, as far as traffic,” she said. “So I can’t imagine that (the development) wouldn’t have an impact.”

The 18-lot project was first introduced more than 10 years ago and was worked on by several different engineers throughout the years. No construction timeline was provided by the developer, Gary Toth.

According to Township Manager David O’Neill, there was “rumor” several years ago of a traffic study and the possibility of a traffic light requirement, but the township did not receive any such recent report. He said if it was required, it would be conducted through PennDOT, rather than the municipality. He added PennDOT is in the process of issuing a highway occupancy permit for a road to connect to Fairview Road.

“If they’re issuing a permit, then they have deemed that there’s not one (traffic light) necessary, that’s how I look at it,” explained Supervisor Joseph Sproul. He suggested Baruffaldi contact the permits office at PennDOT for more information.

Another resident, John Tomachick attended the meeting with a complaint about the condition of Fawn Hill Road, which he said hasn’t been paved since the development in which he resides was constructed nearly three decades ago.

Showing the supervisors photographs of the road’s disrepair, Tomachick said although it has been patched several times over the years, it doesn’t hold up. He said patching the road, at this point, is a “waste of the township’s money,” and it needs a complete repaving.

“The problem is, too…the water that’s coming off of that mountain, that comes down and deteriorates the road,”he said. “It’s terrible – it really is.”

Sproul explained the roadwork schedule for this year is already complete, but the board will put it on the list to be considered for 2017.

The next regular meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Aug. 8 at the municipal building on Shady Lane Road.

By Elizabeth Baumeister

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