Newton Ransom Elementary students give ‘Into the Mystic Blue’ Arts Alive performance

June 9th, 2015 5:41 pm

On the Magic School Bus, from left, Olivia Arendt, as Vanessa; Troy Kester, as Arnold and first grade teacher Mrs. Sherri Sickler, as Miss Frizzle.
Students from Mrs. Hager’s second grade class perform the Living Rainbow Coral Reef Dance during Newton-Ransom Elementary School’s 2015 Arts Alive show.
Nico Williams performs as a narrator in this year’s Arts Alive program.
Mrs. Seyer’s third grade class performs their dance, ‘Ride the Tides,’ in this year’s Arts Alive Program.
Students from Mr. Saslo’s fourth grade class perform the Blue Planet Earth Dance during Arts Alive.
Singing in Newton-Ransom Elementary School’s 2015 Arts Alive performance are fourth grade students, from left, Jake Catania, Wyatt Henry, Imani McDonnell and Kayla Clark.
Arts alive performers, from left, Cole Reese, as Lenny the Lifeguard and Robert Earl-DeLucy and Lindsey James, as beach bums.
Performing as various ocean creatures are Newton-Ransom Elementary second grade students, from left, Lily Rozzi, Katie James, Thomas LaCoe and Veronica Howard.
Clockwise, from left, Alea Dorunda, as Emily; Olivia Arendt, as Vanessa; Cole Reese, as Lenny the Lifeguard; First Grade Teacher Mrs. Sherri Sickler, as Miss Frizzle; Lindsey James, as a beach bum; Robert Earl-DeLucy, as a beach bum; Gabriel Earl-DeLucy, as Ralphie and Jordan Molitoris, as Eric and Troy Kester, as Arnold.
Mrs. Davis’ fourth grade class performs ‘The Abyss’ during the Arts Alive program.

CLARKS SUMMIT — The Abington Heights Middle School Auditorium was full and overflowing, with many parents and guests standing in the back or sitting on the floor in the aisles Friday, June 5 to catch a glimpse as Newton Ransom Elementary students danced, sang, recited and acted on stage.

The event was a culmination of the school’s Arts Alive experience for the school year. This year’s theme for the annual Arts Alive program, which was funded by the Abington Heights Education Improvement Organization (AEIO), was “Into the Mystic Blue.” Students took the audience on an underwater adventure via the Magic School Bus.

The performance, which was choreographed by Laura Ancherani, was dedicated to Abington Heights School District art teacher Lisa Bobinchock, who is retiring at the close of the school year.