My Project: Make your own tulip art

My Project - Jennifer Familetti | February 27th, 2017 4:03 pm

Kids and families can spring into March with this fun tulip art project.

What you will need:

• A piece of white or colored paper

• Poster paint

• A green marker

• A paint brush

• A plastic fork

• A plastic cup or bowl of water for rinsing


1. Start by choosing your first paint color and use your brush to paint the back of your fork. Paint only the top part with the prongs and underneath them. Do not paint the handle.

2. With the paint still wet, place the painted side of your fork on the paper. Make the top of the fork print by rolling the fork on the paper. It will look like a tulip.

3. Repeat. You can make many flowers with one color, or you can rinse the fork in water and change the color. After making some tulip tops, give them time to dry.

4. Next, use a green marker to make stems under the flowers.

5. Complete the picture by decorating it however you choose.

Think spring with this fun and colorful craft for kids. spring with this fun and colorful craft for kids. Submitted photo

My Project

Jennifer Familetti

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