Allied Services acquires Spirit of Mercy Skilled Nursing Unit

For Abington Journal | March 6th, 2017 4:59 pm

SCRANTON — Allied Services Integrated Health System acquired the 22-bed Spirit of Mercy Skilled Nursing and Transitional Care Unit, effective March 1. The unit is located on the fifth Floor of Regional Hospital of Scranton and will complement the existing, nationally-acclaimed Allied Services Inpatient Rehab Unit which exists on the same floor of the hospital.

Regional Hospital sold the unit to Scranton-based Senior Health Care Solutions in June 2013. The unit underwent extensive renovations and operates as a short-stay unit, providing extensive rehabilitation services and post-op care.

This will be the third Transitional Care Unit in the region operated by Allied Services. These short stay skilled nursing units allow the organization to continue to provide the best rehabilitation outcomes for patients. They also create an opportunity for those denied more intensive inpatient rehabilitation due to insurance or medical reasons.

The administrator will be James Cooney, L.N.H.A., who also oversees the transitional care unit within Allied Services Rehabilitation Hospital on its Scranton campus.

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Information provided by Allied Services.